Iris Apfel: the film

I have been a fan of Iris Apfel for years now and referenced her as a major inspiration for a macro trend at WGSN five years ago, when she was relatively unknown. I both love and hate that she has now been adopted as a major style icon for the fashion industry, but am glad to see she is getting the recognition she deserves.

Iris and her husband Carl married in 1948 and two years later founded the textile firm Old World Weavers. They sourced fabrics from all over the world using old original looms and eventually moved into the world of interior design and decorating. They retired in 1992, although Iris has collaborated on accessory and make up collections with Mac, Nordstrom, and the Home Style Network, and had an exhibition dedicated to her style at the Peabody Essex Museum in 2010.

She describes herself as “the world’s oldest living teenager” and at the grand old age of 92 she is to star in a film about her life, by Albert Maysles who made Grey Gardens.

It looks inspiring, poignant and funny, with great outfits – check out Carl’s floral trousers. Oh and btw patronising breakfast TV presenter. Being old doesn’t make you stupid!

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