Suzanne Lacy’s Silver Action project at Tate Modern

suzanne lacy at tate modernTomorrow, Sunday 3rd Feb, we will be acting as recorders/witnesses at Tate Modern Tanks space for the awesome Suzanne Lacy and her Silver Action art performance.

We wrote about Suzanne’s work with older women for The Crystal Quilt project  here, which we found extremely inspiring. Now Suzanne has come over to the UK and has engaged with British feminists and activists who are 60plus and organised them into a 400 strong force who will spend Sunday afternoon exchanging stories.

The artwork is the conversation and discussion these women will have, the women will talk at small tables in the space for periods of one hour at a time. Our role, along with about 20 other bloggers, is to record the conversations and send them out into the twittersphere for everyone to hear. We’ll also be blogging about what we heard next week. The event will also feature women being videoed talking about their experiences and some will be writing directly onto laptops so you can read their stories.

If you can come to watch the work, it’s free and lasts from 12.00 to 5.00pm in the Tank Space. For those that can’t , watch out for our tweets and instagrams of the event during that time. For fellow tweeters, the hashtag to follow is #silveraction.

We are beyond excited to have been asked to participate. Suzanne explained we should be prepared to expect strong emotions, possible conflict and tears as the women retell their struggles with being activists and feminists over the decades. Inspiring stuff, see you there or tune in to the blog tomorrow.


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