Printed pencil skirts and why you might want one!

Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders

The sun is shining (it’s a beautiful day here in London), January is over and we we’ve had pay day, so it might be time to start thinking about Spring. In fashion terms this started months, even years ago and I’ve had lots of time to think about how I might update my wardrobe, but bearing in mind it’s all about considered consumption and less is more, for Spring/Summer 13, I want to be sure that whatever I buy is going to be a good investment.

Remember the trophy trousers from last season (I’m going to be adding a plain, bright yellow pair to my collection)? They are still absolutely everywhere, which is a relief (like we really care!). But if you fancy adding a a new “statement item” to your wardrobe, you might want to think about a printed pencil skirt.

I love the Jonathan Saunders 60’s inspired ombre circle print above, but at £405, it’s never going to happen.

Digital Prints

Zero+Maria Cornejo, Erdem and Peter Pilotto from Net A Porter

The key to wearing the printed pencil is choosing the right length. On the knee, or slightly over is the desirable length, as any shorter looks a bit WAG/mutton/desperate and we are far too classy for that!

There are lots of different prints to choose from, the most directional (fashion word!) being the digital print, like the three above from Zero+Maria Cornejo, Erdem and Peter Pilotto.

Patterned pencils

Doce and Gabbana, Michaell Ven Der Ham and ASOS

There are also lots of stripes around (more of this to come), florals (which can look cheap, so choose carefully) and geometrics. Clever fashion sorts will be wearing pattern with pattern, which I love, but adding plain blocks of colour, or black is just as effective.

Black and white

ASOS and M&S

Black and white is a great way to try this look and these two from ASOS and M&S are not only easy to wear, they are reasonably priced too.

As a hater of heels, I am not one to encourage uncomfortable footwear, but if I’m really honest, a bit of a heel looks best with the printed pencil. But there’s no need to go mad – a sling back kitten or mid height nan heel is perfectly acceptable!

J Crew

J Crew

J Crew seems to work on every level for me at the moment (please open that Regent Street shop!!) and my absolute favourite, for look, length, print and price, is their No 2 pencil skirt in Medallion Paisley and I might have to have that chambray shirt to go with it!

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