Posh Plimsoles: finally, I buy my summer trainers

So, finally, I’ve selected my summer trainers. After dicking about on the internet considerable research I’ve gone for a Mother black suede Eytys, with chunky off white wedges and no branding anywhere. They have cork inners, tough vulconised rubber flatform soles and are extremely comfortable. And Eytys are from Stockholm. #skandichic

It’s hard to define what makes you choose one style over another, but in this case it’s simplicity. As part of my research I did visit Kurt Geiger, normally an excellent source of well priced style, but every trainers seemed to be either embellished with floral sequin collages (nice, but not quite my desired ‘gentlewoman styling’) or emblazoned with words and uplifting messages on the rubber bit. I want no branding, no twiddly bits and no opinions expressed on my trainers, thank you. They do have a purple grosgrain pull-on ribbon on the back, which I find appealing.

They were pricier than I’d have liked to pay, £140, because I went for the suede ones. I will wear them with smart as well as casual stuff, and prefer the suede finish. I also know I will wear them almost everyday for most of the year, so my fashion-maths, wears-to-cost ratio should be less stupid than might first appear. I bought them from Matches, where there are some in the sale and the canvas ones are a slightly better £90. I obviously can’t argue with anyone who thinks I’ve slightly lost my mind in spending this amount on a shoe that’s basically a posh plimsole, so I wont even try.

I do love them though….


If you’re looking for something more summery-coloured, think of the linen ones, and the suede eyelet covered version is an even cleaner look, although for even more cash (£170)….



  • Sue says:

    OMG Amanda, brandwise, you have turned into my 16-year-old son. Love your choice – price will be fine if you wear them every day, won’t it? I’ve also been looking for plain plimsoll-ish shoes, and Jigsaw currently have a perfect plain pair online (can’t remember the name, or the price.Sorry) that I’m considering.

  • Amanda says:

    Ha! Well I have got three sons of my own so maybe they are influencing? I think I’m just going through a smartish-tomboy phase tbh Sue. I saw the Jigsaw ones, they look excellent. Ax

  • Monix says:

    Great choices Amanda! I have just bought a pair (actually 2… one a man’s pair but I am a size 40) from Axel Arigato (www.axelarigato.com), superb workmanship and at not too silly a price point for what will too be my summer work shoes.

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