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A Word From Jo Orr on Postpartum Psychosis

You may remember food blogger Jo Orr from her lovely Friday food guest-posts last year. She contacted us last week – Mental Health Week -on a subject she feels very strongly about, Postpartum Psychosis. Jo’s dad’s production company, Matchlight, made… Read More Read More

Guest Food Blogger Jo Orr: Spring Tarts!

Once the magnolia and cherries have bloomed, and the candy-striped apple blossoms are peeking through, I know that the first bunches of tender, pencil-thin asparagus are on their way. Their short season (usually just six weeks) and expense lends this… Read More Read More

Gudrun Sjödén’s 40 years in fashion

In contrast to the more familiar melancholic vibe we sometimes associate with Sweden, the designer Gudrun Sjödén is about as cheerful an individual as it’s possible to meet, which comes over loud and clear in her clothes designs. She is… Read More Read More

Bridget Jones at 51

When Bridget Jones Diary first came out I was 33. I read it , as we all did and laughed at the way many of Bridget’s insecurities reflected our thirty something urban lives. We worried about our careers, drank too… Read More Read More

Style icons: Peter Jones Ladies

  It’s definitely Chelsea’s week this week, what with Chelsea Flower Show and Chelsea in Bloom, so it might be a good moment to mention Peter Jones Ladies….(Peter Jones is a branch of John Lewis). Where New York has Advanced… Read More Read More

Horrockses bed linen

The Horrockses exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum last year, was one of our all time favourites. The 40’s and 50’s bright cotton prints inspired many of this Spring Summers fashion ranges including the Wallis 1923 dress collection. We… Read More Read More

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan

It’s not often you find me sobbing on the Piccadilly Line on the way to work, but I’ve been reading The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. I know that doesn’t sound like a good recommendation for a book, but it… Read More Read More

Seeking Guest bloggers…

It’s that time again, when Amanda and I find ourselves slightly overwhelmed with the demands of our day jobs, blogging and trying to have a life. So we are seeking contributors, either long or short term, to guest post for… Read More Read More

Mid Life Moving Continued: How To Cope

After Jane’s mini-rant last week about how she’s thinking of moving to the seaside, our correspondent Elena Bowes mailed in an update on how her move to New York was going. Regular readers will also remember Sue Evan’s Adventure Before… Read More Read More