Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from TWRIt’s been a great year here at the Womens Room and as usual we have done some interesting things, met some lovely people and hopefully kept you entertained and informed most days of the week.

One of the things that stood our for me this year was meeting Camila Batmanghelidjh (again) and being invited into the inner sanctum of her magical office at Kids Company, which was a very special experience. Camila continues to do the most incredible work with children from the hardest backgrounds and we urge anyone with any skills, time or money to get involved.

Both Amanda and I no longer have kids at school, Amanda’s youngest son left to go to uni and my daughter started foundation course and my son moved out, so it has been all change for middleagedmum. We realise however this does not automatically mean any of our children will ever be able to change a toilet roll!

We have continued to help pave the way for older women to become less invisible and have seen some positive changes in advertising and editorial but there is still some way to go when it comes to older women in the jobs market and fashion retailers paying more than just lip service to our demographic.

Women in art has also become one of our pet subjects and Amanda has been shouting about how under valued they have been in the history of art – there is a lot more to come on this subject.

As always, meeting our readers is great, so our Scent Salon, where we leaned stories about everyone’s perfumes, was a highlight, particularly for Amanda who is TWR scent expert.

We have such interesting readers and they leave great comments, with one of the most commented on posts this year being my attempts to go grey. It seems I’m not the only one who would like to end the endless trips to the hairdresser and grow older naturally. Watch this space, there is more of this to come.

And finally of the biggest highlights of this year (and dare I say life?!) for both of us, was undoubtably seeing Kate Bush live. It was a truly  life affirming (possibly changing) experience and I will have 50 Words For Snow on a constant loop until Christmas day.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a great 2015.
Lots of love
Amanda & Jane


  • sarah says:

    Thank you for entertaining me all year. Looking forward to ‘Women in Art’ and more pithy comments about the lack of (honest) representation of older women (and men).
    Happy Christmas!

  • Monix says:

    Happy Christmas to you both and many thanks for my favourite daily read. If you don’t win the National Blog award I predict a riot! X

  • Helen says:

    Yes, thanks for all your wit and wisdom in 2014!! Love reading you every day. Happy Christmas to both you, and enjoy your well deserved blog holiday. Helen xx

  • Susanna says:

    Thank you for my daily fix of friendship – that’s what it feels like when I read your blogs – like talking to my most clued up friend who always has something interesting to say! I have to confess that I’m still struggling with the grey question here but being inspired by Jane to at least consider the possibility of change….

    Happy Christmas to you both and I look forward to more in 2015.

    Susanna x

  • Alison says:

    This has been the year that I discovered the Women’s Room and through it learned so much about what’s going on in this fab city, and beyond. Clicking on link after link has led to some really great discoveries. Thank you so much for doing what you do and please don’t stop!

    Happy Christmas x

  • Katy says:

    Happy Christmas to my virtual friends. You are still my first daily stop on the internet. Thank you for all your interesting and honest posts. Enjoy the holidays.x

  • Claire says:

    I look forward to reading the blog every day, a virtual friend. Makes magazines look like old hat. Even toying with the idea of going grey ……..

  • Mary says:

    Merry Christmas from sunny Perth, WA! Also going grey and all hail Queen Kate whose performances are on my bucket list!

  • Susan says:

    Happy Christmas to you both from Edinburgh! I have enjoyed reading your posts this year – you speak for a lot of us at this age and stage (although personally I’m staying brunette as long as I can…) Looking forward to more fun in 2015!

    Enjoy the break. Susan x

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