Muji’s aroma diffuser

It’s possible I’m telling you all to suck eggs with this wonderful Muji aroma diffuser, do you all already have one? Quite possibly, as they are not new. However, just in case you don’t know about the amazing, steamy mist… Read More

We loved: So Dior at Harrods

I’m afraid to say we dropped the ball on this wonderful exhibition So Dior, of Dior clothes, perfume and accessories at Harrods, which finished yesterday, by not mentioning it when it first opened. If I hadn’t read Disneyrollergirl’s fabulous post… Read More

Perfume review: Orangers en Fleurs

Attention perfume people, Orangers en Fleurs is a really lovely new smell from Houbigant, a perfume house that hasn’t really produced a new scent for aeons, despite being one of the oldest perfume establishments in the world and inventing the… Read More