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We love: Elm

So, back to Iceland and the lovely Elm, a group of three Icelandic women, Erna, Lisbet and Matthildur (hence the name) who are ‘women designing for women’ and selling rather well now in the UK. The clothes have been brought… Read More

Trend Watch: Hasbeens

We love it when established brands are revived by young trendies, who turn them into the latest must have item. Think Timberland, Red Wing, Ray Bans, and Converse. We also particularly love it if it’s a trend we think we might actually be… Read More

Style Icon: Diana Vreeland

No one who loves fashion can ignore the influence of the extraordinary Diana Vreeland, American fashion editor and style doyenne who reigned first at  Harper’s Bazaar magazine in New York (for a quarter of a century) and then at US… Read More

We love: Italian style

We’ve mentioned The Sartorialist before on The Women’s Room, a wonderful, high quality pictoral blog that is heavily used by fashion insiders for inspiration. This week the blog’s author Scott Schuman, has been photographing in Italy Florence and Milan to… Read More

Style Icon: Mrs Exeter

photo UK Vogue   From 1949-65 UK Vogue ran a regular style column from Mrs Exeter, a fictional character  who dispensed advice for women ‘of a certain age’ (she told us she was ‘fifty-odd’) who were keen to stay fashionable… Read More

Christmas party dressing

  DVF tunic dress was £360, n0w £174     DVF party dress was £275 now £178       DVF2007                                                Vintage buy It seems to us that trying to look effortlessly gorgeous during Christmas is a task we could do… Read More

We love: Anthropologie

  This week the Women’s Room has been in New York discussing retail. Although the dollar is depressingly low against the pound, American retailers are busy slashing prices in order to get their own folk to part with their bucks,… Read More

Trend Watch: Yellow

Tell someone at a party you are a trend and colour forecaster for the fashion industry and you can be almost certain what their next question will be, 'What colour will I be wearing next year?'  I usually answer, 'whatever colour… Read More

Cosmetic surgery: just say no?

By Great article in Times2 on Monday by Caitlin Moran, who writes wittily about how, at a recent funeral she was horrified by the amount of eminent 40-plus women who had clearly had cosmetic surgery. Far from looking good,… Read More