The older women of the East End

There’s something about older women in London – they have an attitude and confidence which enables them to stand out from the crowd and take control. They get seats on buses, bring people together to chat in public places and… Read More
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Style Icon: Sarah Jane Adams

Ever since Amanda wrote about jewellery designer Sarah Jane Adams and the StyleLikeU team’s excellent What’s Underneath project, I have been slightly obsessed with her. I love her style and can’t get enough of her sportswear meets boho looks on… Read More

Goodhood: My perfect shop

There is a lot of talk in the trends world about how actual shops will look in the future. A few years ago, in my WGSN days, I was asked about the future of retail – and I said “soon… Read More

Simple Pleasures: Relationship Goals

Everywhere you look in London there are interesting people and things to see and it’s important not to become blasé and uninterested, especially when smart phones demand our attention on an almost constant basis – or it that just me?… Read More

Broderie Anglaise Shirt Lust

According to this month’s Selvedge magazine (issue 70), Broderie Anglaise actually originates in Eastern Europe, but it became associated with England because we Brits went a bit mad for it in the 1800s. Since then it has wafted in and… Read More