More talk on the menopause: Sarah Jane Adams on StyleLikeU

It’s been a bit of a week for talking about the menopause (did you all read Tuesday’s post –Suzanne Moore’s marvellous piece for The New Statesman?) and so lets round it off with this very moving video on jewellery designer Sarah Jane Adams, by the StyleLikeU team for their excellent What’s Underneath project. I’m a massive fan of what they are doing with this project, and have been moved to tears by a good few of the participants, it’s amazing what comes out when you take your clothes off slowly.

Anyway, Sarah Jane Adams is all for bringing the menopause out of the closet, so she’s ‘on topic’ for us this week. Also, she has a very cool way of dressing, which you know is going to make us love her more.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend womenfolk!.

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