Weekend Woman: Katherine Hamnett


There’s been much talk recently of T shirts with slogans on. Last week Jane went to a press launch (of this book) and met up with the wonderful Katherine Hamnett, creator of the original slogan T shirt. Coincidently I’d been thinking about Katherine after seeing her slogan T shirts at the Design Museum exhibition Women Fashion Power.

All these word-covered T shirts we’re used to seeing today are down to Katherine. She practically invented the protest shirt.  Grown up readers will remember her meeting Mrs Thatcher in her Say No To Pershing Missiles T shirt, but younger readers need to know that she was really brave to do this, people just didn’t do that sort of personal protest when meeting Prime Ministers back in the 80s, she led the way. Rumour has it she also invented distressed denim too, but I need a denimhead to confirm that for me. either way she is a visionary designer, a committed ethical and environmental campaigner within the industry  and we’d quite like to see a bit more of her. It feels to me like we need Katherine’s protest Ts even more than ever nowadays.

You might like to know you can buy Katherine’s slogans T shirts from her new website, in case you’re feeling gently militant.

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