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Made in Margate: What to see & do

Botany Bay Since buying a house in Margate (and the ongoing media obsession) I have been inundated with requests for recommendations for visiting DFLs and beyond. So, to avoid repeating myself on a regular basis, here is my guide to … Read More

Flower Making at VV Rouleaux

The world has gone mad for events and workshops, everywhere you look someone is encouraging you to sign up to learn about this or make that. It’s all about ‘experience’ now, not just shopping or product. Which, frankly, couldn’t have… Read More

Top five things to do in Berlin

Berlin is a laid back, creative city, rich in culture and thought provoking history. The wide streets, filled with cyclists and non aggressive drivers, huge apartments and green spaces, made me question how impossible London has become, as ridiculous property… Read More